It’s time to deepen your impact

You’ve reached some impressive milestones but know deep in your heart you are NOT meant to be working all the time.

You have put others first for a long time and now you are open and ready to have it all: a thriving business, a happy family, AND an amazing personal life.

Zero compromising

The problem is that you don’t know how to even start to change your current situation.

Now it’s THE time

Your heart is telling you that now is the time for real change.

You’re more than ready to uplevel and you know that working with a coach who has walked the path you are now on will speed up the process.

Imagine this

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could trust a proven process that allows you to grow your business, to deliver even more value to your clients without the extra hours you’re putting in now?

A simple and powerful framework, tailored to honor your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your business.

Forget about the one size fits all methods while working with me.

The DIAMOND Framework

Is my proprietary system to help you:

To grow your business WITHOUT working extra hours.

Daring to charge according to the value you bring to the table.

Have more free time.

Working together is a customized experience focused on you and your business. I’ll personally guide you to:

💎 Create your highest-value offer
💎 Uplevel your positioning
💎 Ditch unconscious limiting beliefs that are blocking abundance

Book a complimentary consultation today to explore working together.

Why should you work with Rosa?

Rosa’s superpower is helping ambitious business owners to grow their service-based and knowledge businesses without working extra hours.

She is the creator of The D.I.A.MO.N.D. Framework, a trilingual (English, German & Spanish) business coach and mentor.

When Rosa helps her clients, she draws upon her two decades of expertise in creating, marketing, and selling high-value offers and 12 years running her own business.

Rosa is on a mission to support 10,000 business owners by 2030 to charge according to their truest value to help reduce the income gender gap.